Sisty Deadly Lava Road

Author: LuckyGooツ
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Release date: 01/06/2021 - 22:28
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I will introduce you to Sisty, he is a close cousin of Fisty, although, apparently Sisty is made of magma, or maybe he was a frog like Fisty, and he came into contact with Magma ... well, we don't know.

2 new goos added in this level

MagmaFuse = The magma fuse is almost the same as the Fuse, with the difference that it burns for a little longer, and of course, that they have mouths
it is vulnerable to the lava lake, so it will die on contact with it

MagmaBomb: The magma bomb is invulnerable to gears and the lava lake, but if you throw it into the lava lake it will fall to the bottom of the lava lake and you will not be able to recover it, (without a timebug, clearly) so avoid throwing it to the lava lake ...
it burns longer than the normal bomb

Fun fact: This level it's route99, but, destroyed
(forgive any meaningless text, google translator)

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