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Unfriendly desert

"This place is so dead...there are a lot of trash and dust...and lonely flower"
Hey! It's Alochka_Pro! I want to show you my new level about dead desert.
In the level you will notice new gooball-brick.

About OCD...i don't know...he's not here yet.
Have a good game!

Heat Pipe
Screenshot 1

A short and sweet level that I made that isn't extremely difficult or long. There is a heat pipe in the middle. It is solid and dangerous. Perhaps there's a way around it.

Update: Fixed the signs from being broken. (Hopefully)

A Special Place

Welcome to a place..

A place to vist when times are tough.
A place you can tell your stories to.
A place to let out your regret and sorrow.
A place to seek your help in need.
A place to feel cozy in the dark.
A place you can call home.
Welcome to a place..

Your special place..


Hey guys, this is just a simple level I wipped up in around one hour. At first I wasn't sure if I should publish it but I figured, why not Wink