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* the example level can be downloaded right here from
* the photoshop file can be downloaded right here from
* the template is no longer hosted on MEGA Cloud

use your brain to grab the latest
surprisingly you need photoshop to use the template with all of its features

A template for Photoshop (created using Photoshop CC 2018) to create high quality graphics for your own levels. If you use this template for one of your projects please link to this template. This will help other people making their own levels and shows me how interested the people are in this template. If the interest is high enough i will update the template and graphic examples.



* always cut off the edges for images created with the ISH_CONTENT template to prevent quality loss

* some layers are marked with a color
* RED: custom image which can be replaced
* ORANGE: color and saturation changer
* YELLOW: single color, can be replaced with an image
* GREEN: geometry layer
* BLUE: gradient layer
* PURPLE: layers which can be turned on or off
* GRAY: don't change these layers (usually locked too)
* NO COLOR: nothing special, can be turned off sometimes

* ISH Mesh Correction:
+ enter the menu under Edit/Transform/Warp
+ adjust the content as you prefer
+ submit the changes

* Gradient Layer:
+ select the gradient tool
+ you need to change the preset to the second one (primary to transparent)
+ change your primary color to white or black, depending on the layer
+ change your mode to linear or radial depending on which you prefer
+ adjust the content as you prefer

* Geometry Layer:
+ select the vector pen or the shape tool
+ set the type to shape
+ set the type to additive or hold shift while you drag the line
+ submit the changes

REV 1.3.2 (LATEST)
* Overall Cleanup

REV 1.3.1
* Minor ISH Cleanup

REV 1.3
* ISH Mesh Correction

REV 1.2
* Marked Layers
* Color Correction For ISH Content
* Removed Logo
* Fixed Demonstration Level

REV 1.0
* Natural Environment Template
* ISH Template
* Billboard Template

There are 8 screenshots.

included example for an natural environment
included example for ish textures
included example for ish textures using the mesh method
included example for creating billboards
the beginning
waking them up
he closed his eyes when i took the picture...
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