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Underwater Level SampleAuthor: inwog
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This level demonstrates on how to make an underwater level. Some of inwog's addins uses underwater levels to represent water in its environment, and here are the levels:

The Goo Worlds

1. Coral Catch
2. Spiky Throat
3. Spinning Bar Confusion

Mystify Collision World

1. Journey to the Purple Ocean
2. Manueverer

Nature Worlds

1. Ocean Depths

Bubble Quest

1. Field M1
2. Field M2
3. Field M3
4. Field M4
5. Field M5
6. Field O1
7. Field O2
8. Field O3
9. Field O5

Notable Tips on making Underwater Levels

1. Backgrounds of Underwater Levels were usually dark cyan or blue, bur sometimes purple can be applied.
2. Global Gravity should be set in 1 on its force field.
3. Balloons, Fish, and Evil Eyes is prohibited to used on underwater levels as if there's no air area.

inwog's 1st sample addin
addin made by inwog

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Underwater Level Sample
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