Theme Addins

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Smudge Ivy

This is just a random mod that changes the textures of Ivy.

Profanity Text

Turns "what is it?" into "WTF?" in the ending of Chapter 3. Tongue

I found a file called profanity.xml in WoG apk, does anyone know what's that? An easter egg?

Onion Skin - Bit and Pilot

Make Bits and Pilots looks cooler when they're falling. Also works with other ball styles which overrides res/balls/Bit/body.png or res/balls/Pilot/body.png . Smile

Mygod made a theme called Onion Skin - World of Goo Corporation and AP said he should at least make it for the Bit, but Mygod was too lazy to make one. So I made it. Tongue

World of Goo in PlazTiK 3D
Le PlazTiK 3D

World of Goo in PlazTiK 3D is my second theme. It makes the whole game look like in plastic covers.

Note:The full version is now available. Just go to this dropbox link to download my full version.


It now comes in separate chapters!

eye for 2D boy
2D boy

eye for 2D boy (in opening movie)

its not really hard to make this addin
i just use Photoshop to put the image together

and than replace it

hope you like it


Contrasted Buttons!!!!!!!!!!!!
OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contrasted Buttons!!!!!!!!!!!! is my first theme. The function of it is to change the level buttons into high-contrast red buttons with an exception to ISH.


It was released March 1, 2014.

Unlock All Levels

Unlock all levels in whole game.
Exclamation Mark This goomod must be installed after any other addin. It should be on the top of the goomod list.

How to make this goomod on the top of the list quickly (Windows only) :
1. Install the addin but disable it, click Save.
2. Close GooTool.
3. Press Windows + R, enter regedit and press Enter.
4. Locate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\goofans\gootool
5. Double-click addins , enter com.goofans.wogfan./Unlock/All/Levels, at the beginning of the value and press Enter.
6. Open GooTool.

Minecraft Signs

This replaces all wooden signs with Minecraft-y signs. This changes both the sign graphics and the sign fonts. Keep in mind that this applies only to wooden signs, digital signs inside Chapter 4 remain unchanged.
This is just something I put together, initially as a suggestion from kirdneh, as a reply to my Wooden Signs mod. I also had a great lot of help from Albino Pokey, who supplied the font and images.

Rainbow Intro

colourfull '2DBOY' and hand

Invisible Pipe Pointer

This goomod will make your pipe pointer invisible.
If you want to make a level with fake pipes, you can add this to your goomod (it's just a transpency image override the \res\images\exit_arrow.png )

I think this is the smallest goomod on GooFans. It's size only have 914 Bytes! Wink

0.2 Update: Reduce the file size from 920 Bytes to 914 Bytes. Tongue