Frequently Asked Questions - Advanced Goo Tricks

Undoubtably you have detached an Ivy Ball in the past, and had some other balls fall off because they happened to be walking on its strands. You can avoid this easily. Simply click and hold on the ball for a moment. Any other balls on its strands will move away, and will not return as long as you hold the button down.

Gil is collating this information on a thread on the 2dboy forum:,1281.0.html

Sometimes you wish to restart the level after having already completed its basic ball requirements. This is usually the case when you are going for OCD but realise you're not going to make it.

Unfortunately the game menu in inaccessible once you've completed the basic requirements. There is however a workaround. If the level contains a sign-painter sign, click on it, click through it, and then press ESCAPE. The game menu is then once again available.

All OCDs are possible but many require faster movement or different tricks than completing the level normally. A set of videos showing OCD completion can be found here:

OCD is "Obsessive Completion Distinction" and is an additional level of challenge while playing the game. To get OCD on a level, you need to complete additional requirements, which are either:

- Collecting additional balls, or
- Completing in fewer moves, or
- Completing in a certain amount of time.

You can view the OCD requirements for a level by pressing ESCAPE during level, and clicking OCD.

Once you have completed a level's OCD requirements, a white flag (or red flag in Chapter 4) will appear over that level in the chapter menu.

Generally, any mouse press and release will count as a move. Specifically:

- Attaching a ball or balloon
- Detaching a ball or balloon
- Moving a block (one move per click, you can move it as much as you want during that click though)
- Shooting a "3d" ball
- Attaching Pokey or a sticky bomb

Using time-bugs does not decrease your move counter (but you'll still go back one move).

Things that don't count as moves:

- Throwing balls
- Catching balls

The timer starts when the level loading screen disappears. So the camera movement time is counted towards your total time. Use the "retry" button on the level to restart the level without the camera delay.