Whatever happened to Tomorrow Corporation's "upcoming" game?

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I'm just putting this post here because there's no other place where it fits. Don't judge me.

If anybody has any clue, whatever happened to "Welcome to the Information Superhighway"? I've seen tons of talk about it on Tomorrow Corporation's website (https://tomorrowcorporation.com/posts/welcome-to-the-information-superhi...), but no updates have been released. I'm thinking it's just like some other pretty popular objects, and that they stopped work on it. They didn't even bother to give a heads-up that they were done with anything having to do with the subject. Sorta like the GUIdebook Gallery (guidebookgallery.org), Animusic (animusic.com), and World of Goo (www.2... oh come on, you know where they are). So, I'll ask again: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SUPPOSED "UPCOMING" TOMORROW CORPORATION GAME?!?!?!

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I don't think the game will be released. I had never even heard of such a site before. Honestly, I enjoy playing World of Goo, but more and more often I prefer to visit https://oddsdigger.com/at/floorball. Relly World of Goo is a perfect game, anyway, and with fan-made level and goo editors out there, it still has a lot of replay value, a decade later.