A new game inspired by World of Goo

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I'm currently working on a new game inspired by World of Goo.
I just got the idea, there may be a forum for fans of the orignal game, which may be interested in my new approach, and found this.
The main mechanic of World of Goo, holding and connecting balls together, also appears as an important mechanic in my game, but most of the game is intended to be different.

The main difference is, that you are a character yourself.
The only objects, that exist in the game, are balls and connections.
There are no different shapes planned yet, not even for the ground.
When you hold a ball, you can accelerate it and so be accelerated in the different direction yourself. The reason for this is less the physical accuracy. It mainly solves the problem, not to be able to hold the player oneself indirectly to fly through air.
While holding a ball, physical interaction will also still take place.
The balls can be customized in a much more generic way. So the number of different balls possible is much higher. They can be hard or soft, they can have different kinds and counts of connections, they can have different physical properties, they even can have gravitation.
It's also possible to damage balls by throwing them onto other walls. Every strong acceleration will take damage to balls. This way it's possible to fight balls.
The controls for building connections are also different. They won't get connected, when releasing the holding button, but you have to press another button, the connect button. It's also possible to draw single connections between balls, if the main balls doesn't use all of it's outgoing connections yet.
Balls are even holdable while connected in most cases, but they will be too heavy to lift them up in most cases, because of the relative acceleration and acceleration damage.
Balls won't climb at connections. But connections can interact in collisions with balls. This allows to build bridges, where anyone can safely walk over, or solid walls, where noone can break through.

I'm uploading images of my progress here: https://imgur.com/user/porky12/posts

For the gameplay, there are three main ideas, I have in mind.
I'll probably will have to focus on one of them first.
I'm already interested, which idea is most appealing to you.

First idea:
The main game should also have a goal. You need at least the player to enter the goal, which will just be an area, but you may also take other balls or even some buildings with you.
These balls and buildings will not just be transported to some main area, but all balls in the area will be transported to the starting area of the next level.
This way it's still neccessary to bring enough balls with you in order to be able to beat the next level or find bonus goals.
Bonus goals will not transport the player to the next level, but unlock a new level with a new main character, and this way open a new path.
Multiple paths will lead to the same level some time, so you can replay the level multiple times with more balls and this way find new bonus goals in this or a following level.

Second idea:
There will also be a level editor.
The level editor does not only allow the players to create their own levels, but also their own ball types.
The can be shared online and played and rated by other players.

Third idea:
There will also be a multiplayer online mode.
In this mode, there may be different goals like killing the other players or some balls, they have to protect, by throwing balls at them or building constructs, that make damage to the enemies or their base, while using balls to secure yourself and your base.
Depending on the level, this can either be more like a strategy game or a fighting game.

So what do you think about the basic idea?
Which of the main gameplay ideas do you prefer?
Do you have suggestions?

I'd also appreciate help.
Maybe I will need a level creator or an artist, but for now someone to talk about the game, who is interested in this kind of game, is more important.

In case I don't answer here or you want to write to me privately, you can most likely contact me using my E-Mail Krapohl.f@gmx.de or adding me in Tox (https://tox.chat), where my ID is "F9716DB00A2724A77AE6C5C3EB88B61C45605EA45059890234B7E3CC6A3C376FBF89F15A5E94".

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Please tell me how you did this, I've been trying for almost 2 years to figure out what to use to make a game (most what I've been was JavaScript, python, html, CSS etc.) and 8i can't figure it out Crying

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Hi Xdroid19,

I'm using the scopes programming language (see http://scopes.rocks) and OpenGL for rendering.
If you are new to game development, you should probably start with something simpler. I started game programming with Game Maker.
If you just want to get general tips for game programming, you should rather ask in some chat or forum for game programming or write me privately.