Can't merge level addins with GooTool on Linux

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Since I upgraded to 1.0.3, GooTool isn't able to merge in any levels anymore. For example, if I try to install JingleBalls, which worked fine before, I get a cryptic error message:

ERROR:  'The value of attribute "fi" associated with an element type "null" must not contain the '<' character.'
ERROR:  ' The value of attribute "fi" associated with an element type "null" must not contain the '<' character.'

Some non-level mods do work; for example Pavke's Towersome mod still works.

I have already removed my "custom" WorldOfGoo directiory, as well as .gootool (which just stores addons at the moment; no settings as far as I can tell) but no avail. Does anyone know what's wrong, or how to debug this further?

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Hi Soultaker

Yeah, GooTool 1.0.3 has some bugs, I'm having some trouble with it too, well, not the kind you are having. Sorry, can't help you with yours, I probably know less then 1% about Linux then you do.

But, can you test something for me? Run World of Goo with GooTool(empty) and go to Corporation and wait a few moments.. does it start lagging? Quit and try to start WoG again by GooTool? Can you?

Davidc mysteriously disappeared so we have to wait till he comes back...

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WoGC seems to work fine for me. But that's to be expected, because if I don't merge in any addins, then GooTool doesn't really modify the game files in any significant way.

I guess I'll wait for davidc to make a good suggestion, or maybe I'll check out the source code (which is now available) myself, if I can spare the time...

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Soultaker - is there a (probably cryptic) traceback in the logs to accompany this error so I can see where it's occurring?

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A log file is here: (This was created with a freshly-downloaded copy of Jingle Balls.) I can't really make anything out of it other than "XSL transformation fails somewhere, somehow".

By the way, is there a reason you obfuscate the class names in the binary distribution, even though GooTool itself is now open source?

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It looks like you are using an old version of Jingle Balls - can you try the latest? It's possible the old version didn't have the right charset on that XSL file; the error is coming from one of the Russian translations.

I suppose there's no reason to obfuscate the classes any more. I originally did it because the early code was quite embarrassing.


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Late reaction, I know, but I'm sure I'm using the latest version of both gootool and Jingle Balls. Just to be sure, I redownloaded GooTool from and Jingle Balls from

I removed directories $HOME/.gootool, my customized World of Goo directory, and $HOME/.java/.userPrefs/com/goofans entirely, which seems to get rid of all settings and add-ins. Extracting a fresh copy of GooTool, installing and enabling the add-in, and then saving, yields the same error.

So I'm pretty sure it's something in the latest version of GooTool, especially since I haven't had problems before. I'll try to investigate the issue in detail when I have some free time!