My map crashes at the loading...

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I made a map and when I try to play it via WoG editor and via GooTool with .goomod it crashes, I've a black screen and then the game stops itself.

Do you know what is this bug ? I'm able to play downloaded map via GooTool and mod and play orginal map via WoG editor.


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Hmmmm, when I tried to upload my file (on Goofans) I've an error :

* warning: DOMDocument::loadXML() [domdocument.loadxml]: Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding ! Bytes: 0xA9 0x20 0x48 0x4A in Entity, line: 18 in /www/htdocs/goofans-live/www/sites/default/modules/goopackage/goopackage.module on line 1395.
* The selected file blade.goomod could not be uploaded. The manifest for this goomod is malformed

Can you tell what I did wrong ?

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Can you e-mail it to me and I'll take a look? It may just be you need to save the addin.xml in a UTF-8 text editor (I think Notepad works for this).


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Thanks I'm going to send it to you by e-mail.
I'm going to test in UTF-8 ...

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I tried in UTF-8 it didn't work. Perhaps it is without BOM, I don't know but
I checked the error message and I figured out, in fact I had a special caracter... I'm going to test without it but I think you're also right about UTF

I forgot to add the balise to specify the caracter.
Still doesn't work..

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But I can upload it .