GooTool and Linux

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Joined: 11/18/2008

I am using World of Goo under Ubuntu linux with wine, and as GooTool is Java, could you give out a .jar-version I can use in my distro?

I have translated World of Goo into Esperanto, and would love to be able to finish it up with the graphics.

Joined: 11/04/2008

I'm going to release different distributions for Linux and Mac once I have more time to test things like file path separators.

In the meantime, the Windows .exe is actually just a self-extracting zip file (and a jar is just a zip too), so you can run it under Linux as follows:

david@netman1:~/Projects/gootool/dist/win32$ <strong>java -cp bin/gootool.exe:lib/lcrypto-jdk16-141.jar:lib/uiruntime.jar com.goofans.gootool.GooTool</strong>