How to delete MSDejaVu from the Profile?

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my "problem" is that I have played the level DejaVu, and now it's on my profil. I have 19 goo balls more colected on my profil. You can also see it here:

How can I delete this level from my profil? I don't want to have goos collected from unofficial levels!

I hope you can understand me, because my english is really bad, I know, i'm from Germany!

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Hopefully 2dboy will make the goo corp balls only count official levels in an upcoming patch. I can't think of any generic way to do this in GooTool.

As far as the profile site goes, I think they should be able to ignore unofficial levels (they must have a list of official levels because they're mapping directory names to full level names e.g. EconomicDivide -> "Small Divide").