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I've found that you can retrieve the pers2.dat of the WiiWare Game from the Wii with a homebrew tool : savegame manager (created by Waninkoko). However the file doesn't seem to be encrypted but it cannot be opened with GooTool. We can nearly read all the levels with number of goo balls collected, least time, least moves. So I thought it could be possible (maybe easy) to do some kind of wii pers2.dat program that will encrypt the file as the computer version. I know there isn't a lot of people who play "intensively" on Wii but maybe it doesn't take a long time to do that.

Here is a pers2.dat from Wii : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=R9L1MD8G

I could help people to retrieve their own pers2.dat from the Wii if they are interested.

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its interesting especially because people may have really good towers they want to post

btw, is it harder to use the wiimote than a mouse?

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I didn't think about the tower. In the file, I don't see anything like the position of goo we can see in the decrypted computer's pers2.dat file. So it could be hard to retrieve the tower. But I don't really know.

I find it a lot harder to play with a wiimote but I'm sure some people prefer the Wiimote (like DEFE).

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Yeah, I greatly prefer the Wii over a computer. I have the demo for my Mac and it just feels way too cumbersome to use my mouse. To be fair, my mouse isn't gaming quality or anything, but it's not bad either. Well it will be nice to see the Wii stuff worked out so I can get my data out on the leaderboards. Hehe, so any chance I could have a break on the serious OCD badge if and when I upload my profile? We Wii people didn't get the patch for MOM's computer. I could make a new profile, but it would be a bit of a pain to redo everything else just for that one OCD.

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This is quite an odd format, there are some weird differences that may be encoding issues or maybe just the file getting mangled somewhere between the Wii and Megaupload. Also, there is something encrypted at the end of the file - did this user have a WoGC tower?

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Yes I think there was a tower (not 100% sure).

I extract a new time with a tower http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MVBORI3T. It's not the last wog corportation you can have but the one you have when you're at chapter 3.

There are some differences even at the beginning which normally should be the same because it's the same profile... I guess you're right, the file mustn't be perfectly extracted from the Wii.

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by any chance is the user name (on wog wii )mrprsn(mr. person)
I wonder what it would be like only having completed the first level.

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