Unable to connect to internet?

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Even with my firewall off, I can't seem to connect. I don't use a proxy or anything like that.
I'm using windows 7 x64
(legit from msdnaa for any who would question it)

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look send a complaining to microsoft cuz this site is for anything that's releated to goo.

Crazeh man!

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Wow really? Lol man, I'm talking about the message unable to connect to the internet in world of goo...haha
And I can't connect in game when everything else I'm using is connecting.

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This was probably caused by 2dboy disabling most of their site during the birthday sale.

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Well I'm still unable to connect...

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Got the same problem, think that's the reason I can't publish anything on this site by using Gootool.

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2dboys server is down at the moment because of the large traffic (57000 downloads this week). You probably get connected next week when Birthday Sale ends. Wink

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Had the same problem. It has broked my brain. The answer was simple. I've changed default DNS servers for the network connection to OpenDNS. All sites worked perfectly - DNS records were cached in system.

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