GooTool changes language

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GooTool has only few languages that can be chosen. There is a lack of many languages.
The game was translated into many other languages (see: )

To translate the game into another language I have to replace language file with a file downloaded from abouve-mentioned page, replace fonts (PNG files) and the config file should be changed (from 'en' or 'Auto' to i.e. 'pl').

But when I turn GooTool on only a few languages can be chosen and there is no Polish on the list and I cannot run my language (even the oryginal WoG instalation works with my language properly).

Can you see any solution?

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Jeah, I think that adding more languages to gootool is goo-d idea.
I want Polish too Laughing out loud

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Done for the next release.

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Thank you very much.
Dziękuję i спасибо.