World of Goo Editor

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Joined: 02/21/2009

Is there a chance to compile the editor for linux?

Joined: 11/04/2008

I believe it's written in Python so you should be able to download the source version from SourceForge and run it.

Joined: 02/21/2009

it does not run. gives me an error:

Traceback (most recent call last): 
File "/home/flyingsheep/bin/wogeditor/src/", line 498, in editLevel 
self.open_level_view_by_name( level_name ) 
File "/home/flyingsheep/bin/wogeditor/src/", line 511, in open_level_view_by_name 
self._addLevelGraphicView( level_world ) 
File "/home/flyingsheep/bin/wogeditor/src/", line 515, in _addLevelGraphicView 
level_view = levelview.LevelGraphicView( level_world, self.view_actions ) 
File "/home/flyingsheep/bin/wogeditor/src/", line 923, in __init__ 
File "/home/flyingsheep/bin/wogeditor/src/", line 1183, in refreshFromModel 
self._on_selection_change( self.__world.selected_elements, set(), set() ) 
File "/home/flyingsheep/bin/wogeditor/src/", line 1127, in _on_selection_change 
if element in selection: 
TypeError: list objects are unhashable