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Has anyone figured out how to open the console? The font's in the fonts dir, there's debugging messages in the exe, but I can't find a command line option or any keypress to enable it.

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Console font used in game (MOM computer - Information Highway Chapter).
where is 'debugging messages in the exe'?

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Ah good point. I thought there might have been an in-game console, but maybe these just went to a log file during development. Stuff like:

notify undo: prevState=%p clickedBug=%p basezoom=%0.3f
dragBallUpdate: getClimbStrand
dragBallUpdate: getDragStrandTargets
dragBallUpdate: updateVanishingFactors
dragBallUpdate: removeStrand
--getDragStrandTargets: findBallsClosestTo
--getDragStrandTargets: createStrands
--getDragStrandTargets: eliminateGeomIntersectingDragStrands
--getDragStrandTargets: cull
earthquake! magnitude=%0.2f

and stuff like this would be helpful for debugging why custom levels crash:

sound not found for event id %d
WARNING: non-uniform scaling for animated scene layer (x=%f y=%f)
warning: duplicate ids in scene file (%s)
[WARNING: ResourceManager::getImage] image with id %s not found