XML or bin format?

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Good evening,

I tried to create my own World of Goo level. Unfortunately I did not manage to actually play my level.

Error writing configuration
Addin format exception in "Levelname":
Addin has a non-XML file in the compile directory "path" (java.io.IOException)

What does that mean? Shall I convert the .bin files into .XML files? How?

I would appreciate your help.


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Yes, because World of Goo has different encoding on Mac and PC, the "compile" directory should be unencrypted XML.

You'll need to decrypt the compiled .bin files from your level editor. Wogeditor includes a command-line utility "scanbinfile" to do this. Just run this on the directory your level is compiled in.


c:\dev\wogeditor> scanbinfile c:\wog\res\levels\mylevel\ c:\dev\mylevel\compile\res\levels\

where c:\wog is your Goo installation
and c:\dev\mylevel is the root of the directory you're going to turn into a goomod file.

Hope that helps.