New burning type? (Found it out and minimally described it)

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Ive been trying to create a new gooball that similar as Ivy in VolcanicPercolatorSpa reacts to a specific object/particle and then burns (electrocution idea). Is this hardcoded or can it be found somewhere in the .xml files cuz so far i havent found that. Although i have managed to create a new goo ball with all the necessary properties for this im just hung up on the creating a specific particle/object that starts the burn effect for that ball. Thanks in advance.

[I decided to put it up here anyway, what i did was create a new goo ball that was flammable i just created new particles for it and spent a couple hours getting all the file names right >.< yes noobish question but whaeva it works]

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I have no idea... But (and theres always a but) You should try checking out the colishion <=( dont know how to spell)

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There's only one special state, and that's "burning". It's used both for real fire, and for "poison" on the Ivy balls. You need to add a <fire> to your level.xml, and check out ivy\balls.xml for the various things you need to add to your ball such as burntime.

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yeah "poison"

Crazeh man!