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Exclamation Mark This is kind of late to say, but this project is discontinued.

Hey everyone! Although the project isn't being finished at a steady rate, it still has some work done. Anyway, this will be the production Log of my soon-to-be-made MWV, World of Paper! Feel free to leave any suggestions that I should take!


    Chapter 1:

Name: Paper Valley
Levels: 10
Level Names: Help Me Up, Light as a Feather, A Warm Glow, Straight Up, TBD, Familiar Towers, TBD, TBD, A Faster Tower, TBD
Notes: So far, the Chapter is done scenery-wise, but levels and level connecters will need to be added soon. The music, which is from chapter 2, will also be changed.

    Chapter 2:

Name: Plastic Caves
Notes: Gooballs from this section will have a plastic look. Gooballs will also glow in the dark.

    Chapter 3:

Name: Cardboard Forest
Notes: Gooballs from this section will look like cardboard instead of paper. This island will include a form of beauty and ugly, although what they are and how they look like will be decided later.

    Chapter 4:

Name: Leather Desert
Notes: Gooballs from this section will have a leathery look. This chapter might also be somewhat mechanical.

    Chapter 5:

Name: The Factory
Notes: The look of gooballs from here will either be metallic or a mix from of textures from other chapters. This chapter will be industrial themed.


I enjoy making gooballs, so I've mainly used the wooble editor to mess around with gooballs.


Paper Common: Like common, but can burn.
Paper Ivy: Like Ivy, but burns by fire.
Paper Product: Like Goo Product, but it's burnable.
Paper Balloon: Like balloon, but burnable.

Paper Fuse: Like fuse, but burns faster than other gooballs.
Paper Bone: Like bone, but it's round and burnable.
Paper Thruster: A gooball that looks like a blue arrow, and flys where it's pointing. Also burnable and detachable.
Paper Princess: A gooball that can be dragged, but can't be attached, similar to the teal gooball from another planet, and the Princess from one of James's levels.
Paper Pokey: Like pokey, but burnable.
Paper Sticky Bomb: Like sticky bomb, but it has glue instead of spikes.
Paper ZeroG: A teal detachable and burnable gooball that isn't effected by gravity. Since this was one of Howitz's ideas, I give credit to him.
Paper Unflamable: A red gooball that can't burn. It's like common.
Paper Goofee: A brown gooball that can wake up other gooballs. It's also draggable and burnable.
Paper Magnets Red, Blue and Purple: Gooballs that are based off directly from Albino Pokey's Another Planet. Unlike those, the green magnet is purple, and these magnets are burnable. Because they're Albino Pokey's I won't be using these until I know I can use them without conflict.

I made goomods.

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I've been waiting for this a long time ago. Why haven't you uploaded it yet?

Nerdy Z is coming.

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.SlipKnoT._2_2 wrote:
I've been waiting for this a long time ago. Why haven't you uploaded it yet?

I have tendency to give up on projects. I could make a level pack out of the existing levels, but I'd be too lazy to give them OCD and such.
EDIT: I actually think I should make a level pack. Some of the levels are quite good. If you really want me to, I'll do it. I'll even let you continue on the project. Of course, you'd probably have a different art style, but it'd be cool. I'd like to see what you'd make if you did it.

I made goomods.