My next (and hopefully will be finished) project!

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I'm creating this forum so I can get more support and more motivation for this project I'm working. I've had multiple projects, and hardly any have been successful, so I hope this will be more helpful for me to do my project. Without further ado, here are some of the Goo ball concepts. Expect more info soon daily. Also, the list for the Colour section is not in order. That means number one of the Colour list is not for number one of the Concepts list.

Chapter Progress:

Levels: 10/12
Ocd: 10/12
Chapter Screen: 0.98/1
Cutscenes: 1/2


1. Rock

2. Frozen Redberry

3. Frozen Common

4. Redberry

5. Crystal

6. Flame

7. Frozen Balloon

8. Unblinded Albino


1. It's like Ivy, but it burns slightly faster. It also has slightly short strands.

2. It's heavier than most Goo. It also has 3 non-detachable strands, which Goo balls can't walk on.

3. I might not include this, but if I do, it'll act like a balloon that isn't affected by gravity. This means that it floats in midair when attached (Of course, it is affected by the weight of other Goo).
UPDATE: Most likely, it'll be a weaker balloon that can be dragged around, or Goo ball that is weightless at least when it's attached.
UPDATE 2: The Goo will be like a balloon, but it will instantly burn when on fire, and can be dragged around when attached (But it's still possible to detach it).
4. It has 2 strands, and glows when ignited. The Goo have a long burn time, so they don't die when burning.
UPDATE: two variants of this Goo have been made. They both ignite, but they also die from burning. The differences is that one is detachable, and one makes a noise when ignited.
5. It's a square Goo that produces about 4 of #1 when ballbusted.

6. It's similar to #5, except it produces common when ball busted.

7. An altered version of Albino. I probably won't include this but if I do, it might have a fifth strand, or some stronger and longer strands. Its key change will be unblinded eyes.

8. A possible light source. To make it less overpowered, you'd have to launch it to move it around.


1. Light blue and pale red

2. White

3. Light blue and white

4. Light blue and black

5. Light greyish-blue

6. Grey

7. Pale Red

8. White

Feel free to comment.
UPDATE: I know some of these won't be use, but they might be reused (and redesigned) for future chapters. So far, only about 3 Goo balls are being used.

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dude, I will finish your chapter. just wait.

Nerdy Z is coming.

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.SlipKnoT._2_2 wrote:
dude, I will finish your chapter. just wait.

Ok. Just saying I'm going to try and make another chapter.