Anyone running on Fedora 13?

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32bit version SEGVs on Fedora 13.

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I'm running Fedora14, and basically the log was showing an Invalid X Window request.
(i386, NVIDIA graphics)

What fixed it for me is that the NVIDIA and Xorg installations dont play nice with each other,
and what happens is that you have two versions of, one from Xorg, and one from NVIDIA.
And the NVIDIA install stupidly loads the Xorg one, and then all kinds of badness results.

If glxgears refuses to run, then thats a good sign this is a problem. The directories where
they are in my install are

My fix is just to hide the Xorg one by renaming it, viz

sudo mv /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/

you need to restart the X server for this to take effect, just log out and log back in again.

Also note that any future upgrades to Xorg are going to install yet another new version of so it will magically stop working again at this point, so do the rename again when
this happens.

In case there were any library incompatibilities with the SDL libs shipped with Goo I also installed the SDL libs and mixer that come with Fedora, viz
sudo yum install SDL SDL_mixer

and then renamed the libs32 dir in the Goo install to some other name so that the dynamic linker can't find the libs shipped with Goo. This may or may not have also been a problem.

Anyway, Goo now works !!