Unable to exit World of Goo Corporation

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I just entered the World of Goo Corporation for the first time, and now I can't get out of it. I am not able to move my mouse cursor below the bottom 10% of the screen, right where the exit button is! I was able to exit fullscreen mode with alt-enter, but am still unable to click on the exit button. When I bring my cursor toward the window from the bottom, it jumps right from the bottom of the window to above the exit button. I had to close the application entirely and restart it to get back to the game. Running WoG on Ubuntu 12.04.

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hackel, I had this same problem. My issue was due to WOG running at 800 x 600 whereas my monitor is 1680 x 1050 resolution. The 16:10 monitor resolution scaled to 800 x 600 didn't work. Here's what I did:

1.) Copied config.txt from /opt/WorldOfGoo/properties and placed in $/.WorldOfGoo
2.) Changed .WorldOfGoo/config.txt screen_width and screen_height settings
3.) Rerun WOG

You can find more information on changing display resolution of WOG in /opt/WorldOfGoo/linux-issues.txt

Hope this helps
- Ken

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That worked great, thanks!