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Gunpowder Challenge Time
Background (main part of the level)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I finally finish that level (not copy of SuperFuseChallengeTime but only inspired)

Balls needed to finish the level: 15

Beware of Gunpowder Goos!

OCD: 40 balls

Edit: Version 1.0 fix a gunpowder ball bug (the strand dont burn, so i replace EVERY SINGLE goo by a copy who can burn) and modifiy some props

main part

Hey! it's Volcanojungle!

Today i want ot publish a old level i made.

Very easy.

I hope you'll enjoy!

(dont remember the OCD :/)

Blocks Rotation

First level with rotation objects))))
OCD:14 balls

main place

Hi! It's Volcanojungle!

I created a new goo: the GunpowderFuseBall!

It's a Fuse Goo but grey and only one strand (Gunpowder burn also faster)

Balls required:5
OCD:15 balls

I hope you'll enjoy!

Edit: version 0.2 fix a bug with Gunpowder balls (the ball die of fire before the strand start to burn)

CutCutCutCutCut this Arena (another Arena level)
main part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Today we are into the Arena, who now have it's own song... but not yet in the levels.

The sign painter don't like it and this level is pretty easy


Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut this Arena~ ah ah
Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut...

Uh this nusic is so loud...

Balls required to finish the level: 9
OCD: 36 moves or less

Fight One (antoher Arena level)
Main part of the level

Hey! It's time to fIGhT!

This is the first fight, but goos prefers to escape this fight and build up to the pipe.

Albino versus Fuse! tonight at 11 p.m. at the arena!

Balls needed to finish th level: 10
OCD: 40 balls (easter egg?)

I hope you'll enjoy!

Please rate and comment below!

Gooey Cliff
Main part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Long time no see!

Well i mean...

No it's ok ^^ Today's level is very easy: it's called Gooey Cliff!

OCD: 7 moves or less (7 moves is the minimum)

Please enjoy this level!


Like incineration destination plus fly away little ones.

the level

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Today I made a level on a music -Vinny gave me ^^

OCD:17 balls

I hope you enjoy my levels and mods Laughing out loud

Also stay hyped for the factory lands mod that is currently in developpement!

Brighter then the sun

Hey! It's me, alochka_pro. I want to introduce you my new level! Here you will see new goo balls!
Sunflower-this big goo ball can hold anyone, with the help of it you can move around!
New Goo Product-small and orange.
White butterfly-it's a decorotive goo ball.
ADVICE: Dont't fall down!

About update:
1.I finally understand how to make custom particles and
that's why I added them to my level
2.The text was changed in signpost
Now it will be more clear to you how to pass this level...I hope :/

OCD: 60 seconds.
Have a good game!