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Fixed Valley

(Aka 湮埋深谷)Be Quick!The bricks are coming!

Computer Challenge 1 : weird gravity
weird gravity

a computer challenge!!

the gravity in this level is very weird
and you have to fling the bit in right direction

all you have to collect is only 1 (i think is hard enough)

and the OCD is 10 balls

and my record is only 4 balls and 10 second(after a thousand try)

hope you enjoy Smile
and don't say this level is impossible Wink

pleas rate

Flying Problem

Note: I would suggest you play the level "Being Soggy" (you can find it in my addins) before this one.

These gooballs have some adventurous intentions. It took 5 years for them to climb this cliff! But sadly, they mistook a tree for the pipe and understood they are the dumbest goos in the world. With the help of your "best" friend (liquid) and some weight, the gooballs can successfully reach the pipe!

New gooballs:
The Flying Gooball:
When it encounters water, it inhales and flies away
tips: It has falling attachent which means you can attach weight gooballs to it

Discover The World

discover a new world

Super Meat Balls - WoG Corp
Super Meat Balls Screenshot

Changes the goo balls in WoG Corp to Super Meat Boy inspired balls!
Just a little idea I got. If you can play as a goo ball in Super Meat Boy, why not have cubes of meat in World of Goo?

(Made my own graphics to avoid copyright infringement, I think I did all right Wink)

Rainbow Common Goo
Rainbow Common Going Up

This is my second ball style.
It customize the common goo ball to 20 style of colors and types with rainbow strand.
Special Features, Rainbow Colored Common Goo Balls.

Version 1.5 out now !, with 30 types of goo

N.B.: Thanks for Jamerz that inpired me to make this.
Please help me in XSL coding,.. I'll try to put individual colors in the
strand for the next version

Through the
Levels screenshots

Practice basic theoretical knowledge: let the skeleton through it.

Going Down Under

My third level! This was originally my first ever level but I lost it and had to make it again. It's pretty easy but it takes a while to get OCD beacause all the commons get in the way.

Bouncy Ball

A sample on creating bouncy surfaces. Basically it is an empty room with a wall material that has the bounce attribute at 1.1, making the goos bounce higher as described here:

Dangerous climb
Levels screenshots

Let's go to climb it.