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ISH Balloons
ISH Balloon

Balloons for ISH themed levels.

burning balls

this level has new custum gooballs:
purple fuse-has long strand
blue fuse -haslong strand and burn very fast
yellow fuse -burn very slow

Blue Haze

Note: this chapter is difficult, and if you feel the same way, you can try part 2!!

My first chapter, the story took place in a beautiful night, the first part of this chapter is my sun trilogy, Smile I have a big plan, but I am not sure the rest will be completed two chapters : p (Fortunately, Lihe is making the next chapter at an alarming rate, and it will probably be released this month, and it will have no less than 15Level and a full story )

Level list:
1. Night fell
2. Inside the Moon

World of Goo: Other Lands BETA
World of Goo: Other Lands Version 1.0.2

My first chapter of the WoG: Other Lands 5 chapter game.

Rest of the chapters coming soon!

Thanks to:
gooey Goo - Art & some coding
Toxic Goo - Some coding
Starcastler - For welcoming me to the WoG Discord

The WoG Fan Discord:

1.0.1 EDIT - Fixed cutscene

1.0.2 EDIT - Made MWV chapters

Chapter 2 Trailer:

Chapter 2 Preview:

Pizza Mod

This mod changes the following Goo:
-common have turned into yummy pizza
-albino have turned into delicious garlic
-Ivy have turned into yucky moldy pizza
-Fuse have turned into spicy Jalapenos
-Goo Product have turned into tasty pepperonis
-Block Heads & Rect Heads have turned into savory cheese

If you have any ideas, feel free to comment them. I'll make them as soon as I feel like.

Demolisher's Cover

"Demolisher" is my 23rd single level for the 2-part chapter SlipKnoT IX. It is my newest single level since April 2015's "Go Long." It uses older SlipKnoT level elements that were used on a variety of my levels.

It is my first new level for 3 long months because a number of things happened so I couldn't work on my new chapter.

This single level's v1.1 will include 1 bonus level.

Going Down
New Level Design!

My first stage of my new WoG Project that's coming out soon!

This first chapter is called "The Yellow Hills"

Full chapter released soon!

• Fixed some bugs
• Edited text
• New 2.0! Changed level design!

Sky Tower or Strange Journey

This is an update of my level with strange gravity, with changed music.
Target: 32 balls
OCD: 5 minutes (300 seconds)

Sneak Peak of WorldOfGooFanSequel
Level Image 2.0

Dedicated to the fan project "World of Goo Fan Sequel." Hope you like it!

The start of it all

The start Of it all!
This Is the first Level of the Series of "Into the factory" in that there will be different types of goo being used to power the power stations, and the black goos and molten goo ( the one in the image ) will break out of it, and it will blow up at the end, then it will go to the next chapter which involves the inside of the earth!