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The Spikes Room

OCD:30 secs
It's a level of my new planned chapter.But I don't know how to make one,soooooo...
I want help.I'll put her/him as an author of the mod.If nobody helps me i will just create a level pack(i don't think that there will be problems).
If you like it,you'll even like the chapter/level pack.

The Goo Wheels

Here it is a funny level from me Al Dokko
On eye it is so quite level, but try to do it over 30 seconds
Goal-6 balls
OCD-30 seconds

Season 3: Getting Out

This is the third single level of Season 3 and from the upcoming new chapter. This level is finally revealing the concept of the new chapter (sort of). This level contains another full sountrack called "Rockers."

This addin is in a zip file which contains 2 goomods. In addition, the 2nd goomod includes 2 new levels from the new chapter.


1. Getting Out

Season 3: Distortion

Please Download the parts A and B or the chapter won't work

“Distortion” is my sixth chapter after 6 months. This is the second chapter not to feature gg because of his tragic death last October 11, 2014. The levels in this chapter became harder, brutal and pain in the butt. This chapter produced 5 single levels. These levels are "Flying V!", "To The Other Side", "Getting Out" and "Drops And Pieces." (1 more level is still unreleased as a single level)

Single Levels

Flying V!
Released: January 7, 2015

To The Other Side
Released: January 19, 2015

Cut The Line

This is my first addin & my first level

Distortion OST

Download All The Zip Files to complete the OST

This is the OST for my sixth chapter "Distortion". It contains 14 tracks. The tracks are in 4 individual .zip files. Press "Show 4 archived downloads" to download them individually.
Best played with iTunes.
Some of the tracks here are shortened in the chapter so here is a complete OST with full length tracks.



Only $1.00 Laughing out loud

Goal: 20 balls
OCD: 40 balls

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The Start Of the Level

A level in the galaxy. In this level, you can try to fly in the galaxy. The goo balls' position might be instable. It's not a bug, it's a feature. The force fields' settings make this level interesting. And no TimeBug, the OCD may be a little hard:). Have fun!


Based on momo1526's version of MattOG's sandbox.

This map has:

  • A zero-gravity zone
  • A venus zone
  • Gooball spawners by momo1526
  • HyperTube
  • Golden gooballs by MattOG
  • Lemon gooballs by momo1526
  • A pool
  • That thing from "Tumbler" level
  • That thing from "The server farm" level
  • That hand thing from the last level of Chapter 2
  • Pretty much every type of gooball
  • And not much more!
  • If momo1526/MattOG wants this to be removed, I will remove it.

    Season 3: The Red Mist

    Red Mist is my 7th chapter and gg’s last chapter with me. It is about a villain trying to colonize the Information Superhighway. It is the 2nd chapter released for Season3. It contains cool fx and gfx that makes the gameplay more interesting but it sometimes make the eyes of people hurt ‘cause the color of the most levels is red.

    Single levels from this chapter

    1. “Digital Jail”
    Released: January 13, 2014
    2. “A Far, Long Way”
    Released: October 4, 2014
    3. “KnoT For Long”
    Released: October 12, 2014

    Planning and early session