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Season 3: Flying V
Flying V Cover

This is the first single level for my third season of addins and is also the first from my upcoming new chapter. This level includes a full black flying v guitar image (original design in limited download version 1.1). This is my newest level after a few months. Also, it includes my new sountrack I called "Aqua Motion" which I created myself. This is the first appearance of my new ball "Smudge Sticky Bomb" in a level.

The other levels (KnoT For Long; A Far, Long Way) supports the unreleased chapter called "The Red Mist."

Why am I saying This?

Season 3: To The Other Side

This is the second single level for Season 3 and the upcoming chapter. This new level did not include custom images but included a new sound track "Pop Carnivale."

The sound track is not in full version unlike "Flying V's" "Aqua Motion." You will have a chance to hear the full OST of the upcoming chapter after a few weeks.


R.I.P. gg!

The Spikes Room

OCD:30 secs
It's a level of my new planned chapter.But I don't know how to make one,soooooo...
I want help.I'll put her/him as an author of the mod.If nobody helps me i will just create a level pack(i don't think that there will be problems).
If you like it,you'll even like the chapter/level pack.

The Goo Wheels

Here it is a funny level from me Al Dokko
On eye it is so quite level, but try to do it over 30 seconds
Goal-6 balls
OCD-30 seconds

Season 3: Getting Out

This is the third single level of Season 3 and from the upcoming new chapter. This level is finally revealing the concept of the new chapter (sort of). This level contains another full sountrack called "Rockers."

This addin is in a zip file which contains 2 goomods. In addition, the 2nd goomod includes 2 new levels from the new chapter.


1. Getting Out

Up to the sky
The scene

Here is MayBeSuper , your old friend.
Now I am thinking of a new chapter.It's about the precious history of goo balls.And I am trying hard to make it, now I have made part of them.
This is the Intro of my new chapter,you may find it very easy but I spent a lot of time doing it.The idea of this chapter and this level come from my friend @Sky_Fortress.Really appreciate him.
Now,get ready for the preview.

Rainbow mod


Pink Planet
The PNG file picture of the planet...

You have landed on a mysterious pink planet with bad graphics. 3 moons (Not all needed) A Common_Pink (My latest goo similar to Common_black)structure base a black hole and a line of fire.

SuperWog Part2 Factory

my first level. I think you will like it