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Cut The Line

This is my first addin & my first level

Distortion OST

Download All The Zip Files to complete the OST

This is the OST for my sixth chapter "Distortion". It contains 14 tracks. The tracks are in 4 individual .zip files. Press "Show 4 archived downloads" to download them individually.
Best played with iTunes.
Some of the tracks here are shortened in the chapter so here is a complete OST with full length tracks.



Only $1.00 Laughing out loud

Goal: 20 balls
OCD: 40 balls

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The Start Of the Level

A level in the galaxy. In this level, you can try to fly in the galaxy. The goo balls' position might be instable. It's not a bug, it's a feature. The force fields' settings make this level interesting. And no TimeBug, the OCD may be a little hard:). Have fun!

Billiards Corporation
so colorful!!

I'm back with a new mod which is like my other Billiards mod, but this time it changes the World of Goo Corporation balls into a random billiard ball! Really visual-appealing, isn't it?

Please note that this does not affect the balls in the Virtual Corporation.
Also, you can use this with my other Billiards mod, but make sure that mod is below this one in the mods list of GooTool (unless you have version 1.5).

Genesis (Demo)

"Genesis (Demo)" is my first release. It contains 4 demo levels which 2 of them was edited official levels.

"Ever heard of a user named after a font?
Well... Narkisim is the answer.
I'm not sure of what it means.
But it's my user name.
The cursor is set to black
for you to be challenged.


From the level "Narkisim"


This is my first level with a wheel inside

Go Long

"Go Long" is the 22nd single level addin, the 5th single level for Season 3. My biggest, bloodiest and heaviest level is a complex level. There are 3 trials in this level. Probably not for a begginer because there are:

-More than 20 deadly geometrical forms
-Flying deadly ball busters
-lots of gears
-a thin bridge
-and many more
It is 50% impossible.
For now, It is the best level I have created.


Epic Goo Tales Pt.1: The Salvation Of The Ruined City

Epic Goo Tales Pt.1: The Salvation Of The Ruined City is my eighth chapter. This is the first part from my upcoming WoG expansion called Epic Goo Tales. It has 8 levels. This is the first chapter to include a new level system called “sub–levels.” There are two levels in the chapter with that level system. The first single level “Metropolis” includes 3 parts and so for the level “The Root Of All Evil.” It is a very dark chapter with a dark story. The main goo ball used in this chapter is the “Emo Ivy.” There are 6 sub-levels sol the total levels in this chapter is 14.


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Balls Flying 1

This is a level with machine, and it is easy. You can test it when you are free.
PS: The highest record: 5 balls, 0 moves, 7s.