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Transport System

2nd anniverary!
Loading this system to the top!

Cloud Ladder

Need 74 goos,OCD:201.
Three colors of beans can make you surprise.Evil

You Have To Explode The Head - Prehistoria
no robot, threeb

This is the past version of You Have To Explode The Head. Requested by CrazyDiamonde. Instead of the robot, there is a tree you have to blow up. It uses 2 new gooballs called the Prehistoric Ivy and Prehistoric common_albino goos, which are by Hany666. He made them for his level pack World of Goo: Far Lands. Thanks Hany, and thanks Crazy.

My Very First Level

This is a level I sketched on paper roughly 7 years ago, and I finally found it today. I created this level before I knew anything about GooFans, GooTool, WooGLE, or goomods in general, and it has incredible sentimental value to me. Imagine if my childhood self could see this...

Washed Away

Special thanks to: LuckyGooツ and Iodine-127 for helping me improve the graphics of the level as well as testing it.

" : ) "

Name of the level.

/!\ This level is rated MEDIUM hard! You need a bit of skill and thought!

This level is an introduction to my custom goo "Oil". It will appear in a future level again. You have to explode a bomb which is sleeping, and you build to it. Then you lit the oil (not all!!!) and it will blow up its container, and it will reveal a bunch of sleeping Oil, and a new zone. This new zone contains the pipe. (Fact: the pipe in this level is retextured so it looks oily!) Explanation is not needed further.

Pokey in the Trees

Climb up the tree using Pokeys and Ivys. They're a fun combo to play with.

Jisty's Bumpy Hilly Road
A view of Jisty and the gooballs you start with

This is a little preview thingy of World of Goo: Peaceful Volume 2, and this level is actually 2-6.

Don't quite have a release date for Volume 2, nut I'm about half way through with the levels!

Anyway, that's all I have to say, hope you enjoy this level!


P.S. They grey sign guy is Posts, you'll fully meet him in 2-1, Posts' Debut.

P.P.S. The grey Particle effect for the Gooper was by APerson

End of Conformity

This is my first level that I uploaded. Hope that you enjoy! Smile

I made a second version of the level and the new OCD is 52 moves

Matching Colors

A pretty simple concept. Only red balls can touch red platforms, and only blue balls can touch blue platforms.

Other mechanics:
-Purple platforms kill everything except purple Goo Balls.
-Gray platforms kill nothing.
-Purple Goo Balls (not featured) don't die to anything.
-Gray Goo Balls die to everything except gray platforms.