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Wheel to the Pipe

This level is very tricky. There are gooballs slowly spinning on a green wheel, and there are spikes surrounding it. Try not to lose anything!

One word of advice: Don't rush, or you might lose some balls! Try to build to the pipe nice and slow.

The Big Adventure

This is my biggest (and hardest) level yet. It will take a long time to complete, but its a fun level! I can't tell you how long it took to make this level!

There are four large areas to explore. You start at the bottom left, then go up to the top left, then the top right, then the bottom right. Its a very hard level, but there is no OCD so you won't need to worry about that. You just have to get at least 4 gooballs to the pipe. Have fun!

Update 1.1

-Fixed zoom
-Added autobounds
-Added more clouds to the places where the backgrounds change

Rolling Down the Hill

Ever wanted to ride on a wheel? This level explains it all. But don't miss those balloons at the bottom of the hill, or you'll hit the ground too hard! OCD is 30 seconds or less, so you better move down the hill as quickly as you can!

Up in the Sky

Its a little adventure in the sky! Its kind of like the level "Flying Machine" but this one is longer and there are more obstacles. Keep alert for the things that could kill the gooballs and balloons!

Swinging Light

This is a level from my new, upcoming chapter. It features a new cave-styled Goo which is featured in the second half of my chapter. One last thing is that the chapter could possibly have a level similar to my first addin, "Into Darkness". The level would use different Goo, and go by a different name, however.

The Invisible Maze
You can see why this is called

This is an old level which I made 1 year ago.
Hope you enjoy it Wink

Can You Reach High
Can You Reach High

A Level i made Could Goos Reach The Pipe?
I Guess?
Lets Try To Build a Tower Or a Flying tower Right?

Tower Of Lucky Goos
Tower Of Lucky Goos Edit

So Wait How Did We Came Here? For What?
I Think we Should Go Down I guess..

Long Way to Pipe

Erg more typos/grammatical errors but I'm not gonna go back and change them.

Anyway I'm not quite sure how good my levels are, I'd love some tips Tongue
I hope you enjoy this one! Smile

Exit the room

A basic level that is fairly easy to complete. This is the first level that I have made since 2013!

Have fun!