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xinxinThu, 01/30/2014 - 02:5534.66m1,3501 week 10 hours
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Be Careful!

Be Careful!(小心点!)

My fourth level.Well......Having fun!Smile

In new Version:
OCD was 65'',but now it is 63''.

Practice Of Wall

Sticking on the fire.(粘在火上)

My third level.
V1.0 The first venison.
V1.2 The second venison.
-Delete Anchors.
V1.3.1 The third venison.
-Modified pictures.
-Added fire.
-Added bomb sticky.
-Modified the geometry.
-Changed balls kinds.
-Optimization level.
-Added a rectangle.
-Line's @tag="mostlydeadly"
-OCD=66 balls

Have fun! Smile
PS:My English is not good and I often have some grammar wrongs... Sad


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