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My fourth level! It features interact-able moons and a planet. If you want OCD you have to look for the secret beauties! I hope you enjoy my level.

Going Down Under

My third level! This was originally my first ever level but I lost it and had to make it again. It's pretty easy but it takes a while to get OCD beacause all the commons get in the way.

Ceiling Climb

My second level! Rather tricky level, you need to use some tricks if you want to finish this. I used the level "Whistler" for starting to make the level. I hope you enjoy this level

Evil Misty

Yay! My first level. Misty is back and better then ever! But he's turned nasty. Spikes on his back, teeth, and a breath that can suck your structure into his mouth! Hope you enjoy my level.


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