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tanjinsongFri, 05/02/2014 - 05:1325.61m1,0483 days 12 hours
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the Blue Waterway

Goo balls in the blue waterway - How to get through?

Space Discovery

This is a level pack containing six levels about discovering the space. In fact, these levels were made about three years ago, and were originally part of a chapter. But the chapter remains unfinished for some reasons, so these levels are released now.

City Forces

I'm Lihe,I will bring to your new chapters!
Advanced to thanks:
Liyuan, controlled the chapter's level smallest mistake,
and try to package.
Tanjinsong: teached to Liyuan package,is a undelopement helper.
and ME: I'm controller these levels and to make these levels.
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Version History
- initial version

- packaged into GooMod

- fix an error

- fix an error

1.0 (official version)
- some of the details of the repair
- improved version of (the last second off names)

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Balls Flying 1

This is a level with machine, and it is easy. You can test it when you are free.
PS: The highest record: 5 balls, 0 moves, 7s.

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The Start Of the Level

A level in the galaxy. In this level, you can try to fly in the galaxy. The goo balls' position might be instable. It's not a bug, it's a feature. The force fields' settings make this level interesting. And no TimeBug, the OCD may be a little hard:). Have fun!

Center Fire

Level screenshots

Fire is gravity center,fire is killer!

Separation and ejection

Levels screenshots

This levels have difficulty, you need to be patient.

Pinball game

Levels screenshots

This level there is no gravity, it uses the flowering BUG.

Mystery machine

Levels screenshots

The bomb hidden in a fuse, let's look for it.


Levels screenshots

This level is very interesting, I wish you have fun.


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