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I'm Googuy57! I used to be MrGooJack4, but left Goofans for a while. Then I came back in July 2015 and created a new account, Googuy57. You can either call me by my real name Jackson, or my username. I really like World of Goo, its one of the best games ever! Goofans is a really fun website as well. MOM4Evr, Jim2102, .SlipKnoT._2_2, davidc, Albino Pokey, gooey goo, naveed_rizvi, momo1526, and goomatz are all really cool users. Fan made levels that I really like are Keep on running, Sandbox, Jingle Balls, Birthday Nostalgia, and MOM4Evr's handy chapter tutorial.

World of Goo

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JacksonFri, 07/20/2018 - 01:2927.38m1,12120 hours 39 min
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Around and Up

A fire is right in-between two cliffs, and there are fuse gooballs below it. Its a fairly simple level, enjoy!

Right and Over

This level has a very interesting background. Whats also interesting is the spinning spikes at the far right. Try not to lose anything!

Water Fun

There are gooballs hanging from the sky, and I don't know why. There are gooballs in the water splashing, and it looks like they are flashing. Hey, that rhymes!

The World of Goo Level Editor Level

To shorten the name, you can also call this The Editor Level.

This level is sort of confusing. Its not the gooballs or the way to build to the pipe, its the background! Its the level editor, right before I made this level!

Down and Right

This level is pretty easy. You just have to build down and to the right where the pipe is. Simple!

Spinning Goo

There are three giant wheels moving in different directions. Its a pretty tricky level, but its fun! Enjoy!

Googuy57 Island

Googuy57 Island's Cover Art by .SkipKnot._2_2

My very first chapter! It took me a while to figure out how to make a chapter, but I managed to create it after a while!

This chapter originally had many issues, but thanks to gooey goo, he fixed the issues! So this chapter should no longer have any bugs or errors! I also learned from him on how to decrypt bin files in the chapter's levels. Thanks gooey goo! Big smile

Big thanks to .SlipKnoT._2_2 for the awesome cover art for Googuy57 Island!

Levels in this chapter:

My First Level
Down Below
How to Build a Tower
Bridge of Doom
Going Up 2
Beauty Contest

Grappling Hook

This level is so hard, it took me a while to complete it! But I finally did after a few tries. Enjoy!


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