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This seems like a good place to enjoy the World of goo
trying new things on this site is the best!
In my world of goo I almost got 1300 gooballs, I just needed 20 more, but I really liked the game.

But I'll see what I do around here! Wink

World of Goo

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LbCSun, 04/19/2020 - 15:4818.12m1,28018 hours 1 min
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Flame thrower

the gooball is in fire

I've decided to do a level instead of a level pack but here is a little information about the level Smile

Flame thrower

in this level you have to throw the gooballs into the fire and try to burn the balloons with the gooballs, you can also find ways to get many gooballs but the easiest thing is to burn them Big smile


TOC: 30 gooballs

Basic levels

main image

This is my first addin of world of goo, contains 3 levels, among them are:


the difficulty of this level is considered medium because you have to avoid falling too fast or else you could crash or burn Big smile

Burning pipe

the difficulty of this level is easy and you just have to put the gooballs through the fire tube.

Goo shooter

difficulty is somewhat difficult and I would say that this is the most difficult level of my level pack because you have to throw the gooballs towards the pipe and without losing them

Enjoy Wink


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