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Genetic Ivy Ball Pregnancy Factory

Ivy moms are kinga ugly.

This is a really hard version of tower of goo. You have to go ground to pipe (est 50 meters >:D)

Post how well you did (or complain) in the comments!

Deadly Wall

This looks hard.

I tried To recreate a Wog level that was in the world of goo trailer 1.

Beauty Strand

This Looks impossible.

This proves that you can put strands on Beauty/Uglys.

String of Goo (Wog2)

Don't Touch The Red Goo.

Behold... The fan Sequel of WOG! this game is different from World of Goo, as you can not build towers yet. BUT you can be a small gooball that swings on other gooballs.
So far it's just a test.
F1 for help.
Goos So far...

If you have any ideas or concerns. just say so in the comments.

The Burning Man Streak

The Burning. AGAIN!!!

This Is a Level I made to represent The Burning Man 2.


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