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11/30/15 Demo!

11/30/15 Demo! is my first demo pack containing 4 demo levels that will appear on my upcoming debut chapter. It was created on 11/30/15 around 1:00 am to 7:00 am, making it the reference to the title of the demo pack. It was like a revenge on .SlipKnoT.22 'cause he refused to teach me how to make a chapter. Now, I am independent.

Level listing:
1. Blackened (Demo)
2. Hangin' Rough (Demo)
3. 10 (Demo)
4. Untitled (Demo)

KoRn (Self-Titled Level)

Self Titled Cover

This is my very first level that was created in 30 minutes. It symbolizes my user name (but really, I was influenced by a band also called KoRn).

It has a very big corn on its foreground and cornfield for the bg.

This level is OCD less.

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