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Hello.. i just wanna know that i like to play world of goo i like some of the levels..
Thanks i am finally in goofans

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World of dream

Image World of dream Beauty

Its MOM's dream! She slept so long.. And she was dreaming of this level. Why is there the 5 island chapters? I think thats a code.

Tower Of Lucky Goos

Tower Of Lucky Goos Edit

So Wait How Did We Came Here? For What?
I Think we Should Go Down I guess..

Can You Reach High

Can You Reach High

A Level i made Could Goos Reach The Pipe?
I Guess?
Lets Try To Build a Tower Or a Flying tower Right?

Let It Fly

Let it fly

Can Goos Fly up to the sky for no reason?Oh no... Theres a white fire! Becarefull! Good luck and have fun!


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