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All ChapterLevels!

All Chapter Levels!

Chapter 1,2,3,4,Epilogue with levels!

Unfriendly desert


"This place is so dead...there are a lot of trash and dust...and lonely flower"
Hey! It's Alochka_Pro! I want to show you my new level about dead desert.
In the level you will notice new gooball-brick.

About OCD...i don't know...he's not here yet.
Have a good game!

Brighter then the sun


Hey! It's me, alochka_pro. I want to introduce you my new level! Here you will see new goo balls!
Sunflower-this big goo ball can hold anyone, with the help of it you can move around!
New Goo Product-small and orange.
White butterfly-it's a decorotive goo ball.
ADVICE: Dont't fall down!

About update:
1.I finally understand how to make custom particles and
that's why I added them to my level
2.The text was changed in signpost
Now it will be more clear to you how to pass this level...I hope :/

OCD: 60 seconds.
Have a good game!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my new level, where you will encounter two unusual mushrooms. Enjoy your passage! Smile



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