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TemmieFri, 04/21/2017 - 12:537.71m1,0521 day 22 hours
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decemberween tree

with new snow goo,s

hello there everyone I just made a Decemberween level for my newer friends

Flaming Hill

Just a basic level, wanted to make something again after a few years.

Level isn't anything crazy just made it fairly quickly.

Cave of Old Tech

A little something for the World of Goo Fan Sequel project!


Kinda a test level to try to make a pulley system that works, but I thought I might as well share it here!


It's smoggy here...

Anyway, sorry for being lazy and not working on this stuff for a while Tongue

Hard Wind

A hard wind rocks World of Goo!

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions, they help a lot Tongue

In the Furnace

My first level using a custom gooball of my own! I hope this level is ok, let me know if there's anything I can improve upon it in the comments section. Smile

Also, I might have gone a little overkill with the pictures but ok Tongue

Now version 1.1!
Changes: Pokey Fuse burning particles changed. That's it Tongue

Tipping Blocks

A few tipsy blocks hold up your goo tower towards the pipe. I would really love some input, as I feel like I need it. Leave a comment on tips/suggestions please, I just want to know how to improve my levels.

Long Way to Pipe

Erg more typos/grammatical errors but I'm not gonna go back and change them.

Anyway I'm not quite sure how good my levels are, I'd love some tips Tongue
I hope you enjoy this one! Smile

Logic of Goo

Another level, a bit harder this time. Shouldn't be too hard to get enough balls, though. OCD should be suitably tricky Smile
Oh and the level subtitle has a grammar issue I believe, but whatever.


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