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Hello! I'm just a simple GooModder that makes levels, trying to make a chapter and working on some games.
Black towers - 2016?
Merging Level Test - 2019
Other ones are bad, so I didn't included them(except for Black Towers because it was my first level(but it's not on this account!), also, me and DatKlayman, who does not have a GooFans account yet are working on a small chapter, that will not be published in atleast a year after it will gonna be done).
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it keeps watching me. - 2020

World of Goo

Towers by SpivyChelyabinsk

SpivyChelyabinsk hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Merging Levels Test


I didn't put that much effort in it, but it works!

The Pit | Drawn Worlds Single Level

This is the single level from my very old project, called The Drawn Worlds.

Climb The Mountain


This addin - is one of levels from my upcoming chapter. I hope you will like it!

Towerbuild: Beta 1

This is the beta 1 of the TowerBuild World of Goo mod.
All bugs that you have founded, write in the commentaries.
I will fix them.

My Desktop

My first level on that account. How you know, i have an 2nd account with level "Black Towers". Now, that level is 2nd.
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