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Ugly's Tank

The level

Bueaty Owns A Red Carpet, Fame Owns A Blue Carpet And Ugly Owns A Goo Tank!


The level

Dreamer Is A Level Where Someone Is Sleeping.

Mutating Goo

The level

This Level Introduces A New Mechanic With Common Goo That You Might See In Future Levels This Mechanic Is When A Common Goo Mutating Water It Will Mutate.


The level

Build With Water Gooballs And Build In An Intense Raisntorm That Moves The Water Gooballs Around So You Cannot Control The Strucure.

Blue Carpet

The Opposite Of Red Carpet.
Blue Carpet Is A Level That Has A New Goboall Known As Fame It Is Like Bueaty But Has No Eye Product And Is Blue Instead Of Red.

The Platform

A Level That Tests Your Goo-Balancing Skills By Putting A Can That Has Gravity And The Can Also Has Gooballs On Top On A Platform.

Special Thanks To Gooey Goo For Making Me Able To Make This Level.

Crystal Island

An Island Where Crystals Are.

Gravity Flip

The level

A Confusing Level That Messes With Your Mind.

The Last Of The Goobals Level Pack

Product Relauncher

The Last Of The Gooballs Level Pack Is A 17-leveled Level Pack With Levels At All Sorts Of Difficulties.
You NEED To Download Everything For It To Work.


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