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PatrickWed, 12/16/2009 - 09:5926.11m9451 day 22 hours
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Fosters Home pack

Fosters pack

This is a pack of all Fosters home mods I have made. So you can save space and loding time. I will also update it with all new fosters mods I make so you don't have to check the site so often you can guest click check for updates. If your a big Fosters fan this is the mod for you!

Sick Ivy

Sick Ivy 1

This level is the first level to use this new type of goo I made! The level is fun but it is a test level for this type of goo ball. I have finished the goo ball but I would like your input on the type of level I use it in next. Smile

Pumpkin goo balls (Ivy goo balls)


This is a mod for halloween!
EDIT 1.5 out: Timebugs are now bats!

Fosters Home for imaginary friends

bloo 1

Find the true bloo!
OCD is possible!
EDIT 4.0 out:Fosters Theme Song added!

Bloo Goo

Bloo 1

And no I don't mean blue. Smile I'm talking about Bloo from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends! He sure likes paddleballs. LOL



A level themed after pokemon the rise of darkrai movie.

Poison gas

poison gas

Goo blobs don't like Poison gas

I like to play it with Grant's Spider Ivy Balls mod.

2.0 is out: sign in ivy tower fixed.


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