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World of Goo

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GameGamer3000Sat, 04/09/2011 - 16:465.20m5522 hours 23 min
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Beauty Maze

The Title

Just a quick level thrown together to test some of GooTools features; Adding gravity, Water, push/pull forces, etc, etc.

EDIT: Made a few changes: Got rid of the fire, added more goo balls, added more balloons, changed the balls required from 12-to-30, and added an OCD (50 goo-balls)

World of Goo: Start of The End BETA Levels

'Beauty Caught in The Gears'

*ALL Beta Levels in order*
Leaving the World
The Slope
The Trench
The Pipe (Inside the Pipe)
GOOBage Disposal
*MAKING Inside the Pipe:


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