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momoThu, 02/17/2011 - 13:124.45m6387 hours 14 min
momoMon, 05/31/2010 - 13:0011.23m1,3593 days 1 hour
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Going Automatic

AutoBuilt Structure

The Goo Revolution is here!

These are new automatic gooballs that build structures by themselves! They help themselves up to attach: they can only jump when they touch each other, there is an exchange of energy then... DOIIING! up they go. All you control is the amount and the whistle, Automatic Builders hate to be dragged around.
Exclamation Mark I must warn you that it can get "a little" chaotic...

Whacky Learning

This is a tutorial to learn how to goo whack, this can be used in many levels, all experimented goo users know how to goo whack!

Goo Bounce

This is a seperate game to world of goo but still goo themed.
It is just one exe so no need to install with asetup or anything.
Press F1 for help:

Keep the left button of the mouse pressed to push the gooballs upwards.
Esc to quit.
F5: save game
F6: load game
F9: take a screenshot of the game


Welcome back to the site! Don't worry, google is here to help you...


Escape from the world of goo. Unfortunately, two planets blocking you.
What to do what to do...

Custom Pipe test

This is an example of a custom pipe, DEAD pipe.
Feel free to edit to reuse and to open the goomod, etc.

Rubber Band

Who's toying with that rubber band? Its annoying 'cos I want to go for a swim...

Exclamation Mark This level is a bit frustrating.

Mobile Bridges

Those mobile platforms are the only things you can use to get to the pipe but they're surrounded by a weird, high pressure liquid that sucks down any goo that is submerged inside... deal with it!

Sleeping Beauty

That sleeping Beauty is trapped in a tomb because everyone thought she was dead. How weird, she sleeps with her eyes open! Well anyway you should get her out of there...


MOM is annoyed because you left your junk file lying around. Get rid of it or you're grounded!

This is my first endongeom level and also the first on goofans!


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