We've made a few more updates to the site over the last few days. As you probably noticed, the front page is substantially more useful now, providing a portal to useful content on the site: the most popular addins, latest addins, news from us and from 2D Boy, popular content, active forum posts, etc. Read on for more news.

I've added all the (working) addins I could find around the web, so the addin database should be fairly complete at this point.

For addin authors, when creating an addin, a box at the top of the display page now shows you the remaining steps before your addin can be published. Once you've followed these, you will see a new link, "request this addin be published".

You can now also set "additional authors" to list other users as co-authors of your addins. This shows their name in the info box, and adds the addin to their "my addins" list (click "My account" on the siedbar). However, for the moment, only the user who created the page can edit it or upload files.

I've added a pretty graph of an addin's download stats on the new "Stats" tab (example).

Xanax has been hard at work and the site design has been upgraded again to its nearly final form. There are a few treats in the header and footer to play with.

Finally there's now a link to access our chatroom through your web browser in the sidebar.

So, what next? What do you want to see on this site? Any content you'd like to read or features you'd like added? Let me know below or in the forum!

And if you're interested in either writing for the site, or helping moderate the new features, get in touch.