Metal Matter

ThumbnailAuthor: Ravon X
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Updated: Sun, 04/25/2021 - 22:01

A chapter goomod made by me, Ravon!

This mod takes place in an industrialized world with unique islands filled with many wacky robots, you decide to explore with your goo ball companions to discover the mysteries of this world. Though the adventure may be very tough, as many of the levels might be very difficult, but just believe in yourself and you can conquer them all!

I haven't thought of much of a complete story for it yet, but hopefully I can work it out in the end! And I hope you enjoy this Mod!

There might be some changes for the first Chapter in the future (like replacing some of the levels and fixing small parts of others), but for now I will be working on Chapter 2.

Thanks to Toxic Goo for helping compile the mod!

Bonus Levels are made by three of my friends! Toxic Goo, Adrian122 & Jim2102!

The mod is really big and it's just the first chapter so uhh here's a link to a Drive link lol:

There are 6 screenshots.


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