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Release date: 12/23/2015 - 22:36
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SlipKnoT IX is my ninth chapter. This is the first double-chapter. The 2 parts are “Prelude 9.0” and “Adventure in Falls.” This chapter was created with “blood, sweat and tears” due to the different problems that I have encountered while the chapter was being created. It was processed from May-June 2015, a few days of September and the last week of October 2015. It became my fastest chapter to be downloaded in 2 weeks on November 22, 2015, beating several previous chapters on the downloads chart. It got #1 place on the downloads chart for 4 weeks. It beaten the download counts of my debut chapter Winter Wonderland by December 2015. The chapter's total downloads reached 2000+ with the support of a single level and a demo but grossed 2012 downloads alone.

Single levels from this chapter:

Released: September 3, 2015


The chapter was first planned on May 2015 right after the release of Epic Goo Tales Pt.1: The Salvation Of The Ruined City. Originally, SlipKnoT IX had 4 partitions but due to the lack of time, the chapter was released in 2 parts.

First promotions

5 months before the chapter is released, I put out a demo level pack called “SlipKnoT Demo: A .SlipKnoT._2_2 Promotional Level Pack.” It revealed the 6 levels from SlipKnoT IX. The level pack was highly rated by people and received good downloads on its first week.

Creation period

The creation of the chapter took place on May 2015 and was stopped by June 2015 due to a personal problem. It was continued on September 2015 and finished it November 2015.

Prelude 9.0

Prelude 9.0 is the first partition of the chapter. It is highly related to the 2 previous chapters Black and White and .5: The Gear Chapter but the levels in this part are much difficult than the ones from the previous chapters. This part took only a week to finish but took 2 weeks of continuous debugging and perfection. A new type of gooball is introduced. The first single level released in support of SlipKnoT IX, which is a level from this part, is “Demolisher.”

Adventure in Falls and hiatus from goofans

Adventure in Falls is the second part. It took only 5 days of creating and debugging. The part starts after accomplishing Prelude 9.0. The part starts on a level called “Reawaken.” I returned on making the chapter and goofans shortly after 5 months.

Complicated Wheel Sequel

“Complicated Wheel”, a level from 2014’s Black and White, has a second continuation which is “Complicated Wheel II.” The sequel is much harder than the first one because the gravity is upside down in the level and the wheel is much faster than the previous one.

WoGCorp Modification

WoGCorp is modified in this chapter. Its name was changed to “SlipKnoT Corporation” and I added a few tweaks to the WoGCorp Campus.

Cover Art

The cover art for the chapter is the most colorful cover art I have created. It features the “SlipKnoT IX Logo” as title and the boss level character from the level “The Trials Of The Century.”


The chapter is reissued to v2.1 because of a bug on the first partition of the final level "The Trials of The Century."

Deluxe Edition

The deluxe edition will include 5 bonus levels. The release will probably never take place this 2016. It could be released on 2017.

Level Listing

Original Release
Part I: Prelude 9.0
1. "Distribution Zone"
2. "Riding and Flinging"
3. "Wheels of Misfortune"
4. "Demolisher"
5. "Complicated Wheel II"
6. "Drips of Goo Litter"
7. "Disposing the Rotten Ones"
8. "On The Backs of an Angel"
9. "One Way In, One Way Out"

Part II: Adventure in Fall
1. "Reawaken"
2. "Peruvian Skies"
3. "Twin Mills"
4. "Falling Leaves"
5. "Leafless"
6. "The Travel Agent"
7. "Island Explosion"
8. "Reaching"
9. "The Trials of the Century"
Trial 1: Army

Update 2.0
Part II: Adventure in Fall
9. "The Trials of the Century (complete version)"
Trial 1: Army
Trial 2: Suicidal
Trial 3: The Final Consequence (includes outro movie)

"Deluxe Edition" Bonus Levels (TBA)
Bonus Part: The Deluxe Levels
1. “In The City (Demo)”
2. “Minion Brawl”
3. “New Era”
4. “Destroyer Of Wheels IV”
5. “(Exit 9)”

Release History

Original Release(Version 1.0)- Thu, 10/29/2015
Re-Release(Version 2.0)- Wed, 11/25/2015
Debugged Release(Version 2.1)- Thu, 12/24/2015
"Deluxe Edition"(Version 3.0)- (Pending)

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