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Release date: 05/16/2010 - 16:07
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A Remake of Robot Head Destroyers levels, but now, there are creatures like eating so many goo balls and they can't stop eating unless if you stop their heads off. In this addin, there are new characters of World of Goo that I made in different environments. I invent their names because some of the names are already existed now.

These creatures were evil and bad eating appetite. Their heads are deadly but not for the sticky bombs and the bones. The Sign Painter is here to investigate these seven creatures in World of Goo.

Here are the Characters/Creatures in this addin:

1. Andar - (an-dar) An angry orange tiki. Andar likes eating Fuse Goos that heats up his head and much angry at all.
2. Legado - (le-ga-do)A pesky purple lizard. Legado likes eating Black Goos and something sticky to hunt more balls back to him.
3. Fidalia - (fee-da-lee-ia) A flying green lizard. Fidalia likes eating Albino Goos and Fuse Goos to fly up high to fight off goo structures at the rain forest.
4. Emmu - (e-moo) A polar blue ogre. Emmu likes eating beauty goo balls because of his ugly looking body and odd posture.
5. Shakar - (sha-kar) A strategic yellow shaman. Shakar likes eating lots of explosive goo balls such as the bomb to make his smartiness back to him
6. Draigar - (drai-gar) A furious red dragon. Draigar likes eating Fuse Goos and Goo Products that makes up his breath spice up as he burn through lots of balls and the volcano.
7. Yeleu - (yea-lew) An old gray mage. Leader of all creatures among the others and invader of the Goo Kingdoms. He will summon more creatures coming soon.

Don't make their wanted dreams come true, defeat them to stop the madness of eating and invading goos from the Goo Kingdom!


Notice in the changelog that Version 1.0.1 isn't available anymore because signpost text didn't work that time and I update the version to 1.0.2.

I didn't put motors on these creatures' heads because it's too painful for me.

(Sometimes these levels were violent)

Version 1.0.1 (not available)
- initial release

Version 1.0.2
- signpost text didn't work so I fixed them

Version 1.0.3
- all levels (except for Yeleu's Place) has a design.
- added Polish and Spanish Language
- OCD in Draigar's Place is now changed

There are 8 screenshots.

Creatures in WOG Poster
The angry mastermind Andar.
Sneaky peaky Legado.
Flying lizardo Fidalia.
Cold and ugly Emmu.
Divine and deadly Shakar.
Furious and blazing Draigar.
Leader of all creatures: Yeleu.
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