Robot Head Destroyers Levels

The Red Robot in Level 1 (Fire for Red)Author: inwog
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Latest version: 1.3
Release date: 05/11/2010 - 00:24
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My third interesting levels better than Challenge Levels. 7 robots are blocking the pipe system (it's like You Have To Explode The Head official level in the official World of Goo) in every color dimension, they do really even get stuck on this.

The graphic are made by Microsoft's Autoshapes that I created in Microsoft PowerPoint and save it into an image.

by inwog.
(Sometimes these levels were violent.)


There'll be an another set of levels, again; related to this level. click here.

Version 1.0
- first goomod release

Version 1.1
- edited the heads, the positions
- background is now new
- edited all the levels

Version 1.3
- removed all thumbs.db files
- new level --> the grayscale level (Gray for Infinity) considered as level 7
- edited the first level (the hedge is out of bounds so I adjusted it)
- OCD values for all levels are better

There are 7 screenshots.

The Red Robot in Level 1 (Fire for Red)
The Orange Robot in Level 2 (Earth for Orange)
The Yellow Robot in Level 3 (Light for Yellow)
The Green Robot in Level 4 (Wind for Green)
The Blue Robot in Level 5 (Water for Blue)
The Purple Robot in Level 6 (Darkness for Purple)
The Gray Boss Robot in Level 7 (Gray for Infinity)
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1.0AllTue, 03/30/2010 - 12:23RobotHeadDestroyersLevels.goomod329.68 KB1,024

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