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5/24/21 Level Contest!

This contest was themed around space-themed levels.

Download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y8uEhN_cBEpeH34qML8bD8Afx8rSFAoQ

Winner: Gooba Ship by Gooey Goo

Level frames drawn by SuperMany

Extended Levels Contest

Hey everybody, these are the levels that were summited for my "Extended Levels Contest!" (Hosted by me, DemonGamer) Where players had to modify and extend a level from the original game.


Winner: Blazer88

2nd: samangamer1386
3rd: SerafimGWS
4th: Scarlet Fury/Gooballs Of Fire
5th: Liether345
6th: Said
7th: Volcanojungle

You can find a more in-depth review on the levels in the video description.

I hope you all had fun and thank you for participating Smile

Closed Beauty

Really they...dangerous?

This is my first addon and I don't quite understand the editor settings yet...

All ChapterLevels!
All Chapter Levels!

Chapter 1,2,3,4,Epilogue with levels!

tower master pack

my first level pack (click downloads and download all goomods)

Basic levels
main image

This is my first addin of world of goo, contains 3 levels, among them are:


the difficulty of this level is considered medium because you have to avoid falling too fast or else you could crash or burn Big smile

Burning pipe

the difficulty of this level is easy and you just have to put the gooballs through the fire tube.

Goo shooter

difficulty is somewhat difficult and I would say that this is the most difficult level of my level pack because you have to throw the gooballs towards the pipe and without losing them

Enjoy Wink

The Sign Painter is Falling Up

A series of levels that explore the behavior of goo under different kinds of gravity.
The order is a bit ambiguous, so here's the intended order:
-Falling Down
-Weighted Down
-Rise and Fall
-Free Floating
-Escort Mission
-Uphill Both Ways

Goo Adventure, Pack 2
Level 7, Welcoming Party

Levels 7-12 of Goo Adventure

In this second pack, the Goo Balls, having entered the NEW World of Goo Corporation, begin working hard. They'll have time to build up later.

The last pack will be the biggest one yet, so keep an eye out for it!

(Thanks to Adrian122 for the loopsound in Lightning Rod!)

Level order:
Welcoming Party
Security System
Lightning Rod
Inner Workings
Fire Flight
Escape the Corporation

1.0: Release.

Merging Levels Test

I didn't put that much effort in it, but it works!

im sorry mod pack
im sorry for being so annoying on discord

so you might be wondering why im not talking on the Goofans discord lately well its because i was been annoying to someone about something and some of my friends blocked me and now im very sad so i made those mods to have them back and i don't know how long is going to take for me to stop being annoying and for them to unblock me for because i really miss APearson and serafim because i was being annoying to them so here's a pack i made for them ho blocked me for no reason and i promise that i will improve my self a bit and hopefully things will be nicer again sorry for those that i bother