"Glowing Storm" (Challenging level)

Author: LuckyGooツ
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Latest version: 0.2
Release date: 09/18/2021 - 14:27
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Hello! i'm once again here uploading levels, for this one, i tried to make a really hard level, and i did it! (atleast i think so), this is a thwacking level, but since i suck at that there is one antigrav gooball

quick explanation of the 5 new gooballs in this level

1. "Energy Light": this gooball is just a blue light, but it is an antigrav goo, so this can really help you to beat this level
2. "Fuse Purple": just a fuse recolor mostly for aesthetics, but their strands burn really fast
3. "Drained Fuse Purple": you can only use this goo to thwack your tower, it has 0 strands, and it doesn't burn, it's pretty useful
4. "Energy Bomb": basically a non sticky version of the sticky bomb
5."ElecFly": just a decoration gooball (thanks to gooey goo/grease for helping me with their animations)

Good luck on this level, i'm pretty sure you're gonna need it!

v0.2-(Some buffs and stuff)
Level has been buffed in some parts, principally the bomb one
A new storm loopsound has been added, as well as a new thunder animation
Created and added a new custom track for the level
soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/aperson-888731650/thunder-energy

if someone beats this level without the antigrav goo i'm going to go insane

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